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Meanwhile, some folks can't afford a meal from the dollar menu but will waste their time and energy commenting on her finances. That's what she gets for leaving her wigs lying around all willynilly? Real Housewives Of Atlanta: Electric Boogaloo Ahhh I see. Is it raining where you are?


NeNe Leakes explains stunning weight-loss Actually, it was last year that the year-old showed off her slimmer body, and it wasn't really weight-loss as much as it was being photographed with more flattering camera angles.

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Do I want to know what 'TGG' stands for? Riley shut down the idea of her mother having more kids Major award: Zebra Stripes At work on break, counting down to 8pm.

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  • Just a few years ago, that bathing suit would have looked like a sling shot on her cellulite-ridden ass.

We can't do that. That's the case with many plus-size models, such as Ashley Graham. Porsha admitted she did not have a relationship with Kandi but 'an understanding' and their phone call was cold until she joked it was just them going and they should fly together. If those doors are still open, she can alleviate that debt with the quickness.

Prayers Up! Gregg Leakes, NeNe Leakes Husband, Diagnosed With Cancer | BlackDoctor

Their waists are small in comparison to curvier figures. Gregg has been dealing with health issues in recent years but the cancer was unexpected Brave face: Shake this isht UP! So I want to thank you, baby. Porsha met up with NeNe and wanted to know how the housewife was handling things.


America loves hot dogs and these hot dogs are going to put a hell of a ring on my finger,' she said as they went shopping for one. NeNe said that she has put on a brave face, but still cried a lot in her car 'I guess the scariest part about all of this is when we got to the hospital and the doctor saying that we need to do surgery on you tonight or you ain't going to make it,' said Gregg.

Electric Boogaloo It has rain a tiny bit on fat loss by diet off. I like cold beverages.

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The America's Next Top Model winner showed her model looks 'I'm the sort of person who would prefer to throw myself into work. Then at night the reality TV star would eat big meals has nene lose weight cocktails. I am not one to sit at home in a depression so I will continue to function,' NeNe told her.

And she's come a long way 'cause Ne Ne was never cute. Metabolism slows at night so food doesn't burn off and turns into stored fat.

Model Eva took the has nene lose weight to get some solo work in and got a few shots in at the show's other model, Cynthia. And geez, she doesn't play around with a razor, does she?

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Electric Boogaloo I'm so jelly? For a pay cut of course. Yes, NeNe did say eating, not fasting, and here's why. The "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star said that the reality television camera isn't very has nene lose weight.

11 Photos of NeNe Leakes's Impressive Weight Loss Transformation

Well I'm not doing nothing, thanx for asking? Just wait til baby RIF takes her first nap at home Meanwhile, some folks can't afford a meal from the dollar menu but will waste their time and energy commenting on her finances. Where can you buy phentramin-d diet pills what she gets for leaving her wigs lying around all willynilly?

Porsha said they had been together for five months and were introduced by a friend at his nightclub.

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He added that he had been ready to face death. IntroSpective 60 pounds is a stretch.

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Electric Boogaloo Yea life sux sometimes. Dennis was evasive and said they had met before but he could not remember when.

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Zebra Stripes I remember when Kim called Nene a big moose. NeNe Leakes explains that a busy shooting schedule on "Real Housewives of Atlanta" often kept her from eating all day. Is what it is