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Your resting metabolic rate accounts for 60 to 75 percent of the calories you burn. Use skim milk in your coffee or tea instead of cream, half-and-half or full-fat milk, and skip the sugar, honey and syrups. Eating a grapefruit before meals may also do the trick.


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For overall health, however, engage in a mixture of strength-training, aerobic, flexibility and balancing exercises. All of those little activities add up to more calories burned. Shedding about two pounds a week is a realistic and healthy goal.

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Have one slice of low-fat cheese on your toast instead of full-fat cheese, and skip the butter. Go for the Burn To burn fat and lose weight, increase your resting metabolic rate, which is the number of calories your body uses to maintain vital functions, says Comana.

Pick and choose from the list to find the calories you need to eliminate each day, and add your own ideas. Aim for 20 minutes instead of your usual Drink light beer instead of wine.

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In fact, research shows that having a support system improves commitment and increases your chances of weight loss success. Muscle is more metabolically active than fat, meaning it burns more calories at rest.

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When it comes to these foods, portion size does not need to be taken into consideration. Every pound of muscle burns 5 to 7 calories a day at rest; a pound of fat, by contrast, burns only about 2 to 3 calories a day at rest.

Sign up for a salsa class.

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Skip the chips and cookies and have a green salad with light nonfat dressing such as a vinaigrette or a light soup. Look for hidden sources of calories from your food diary. For every pound of muscle you gain, you can burn an extra 30 to 50 calories a day.

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These fats have been found helpful for weight loss. Aim to have three ounces of protein with each meal.

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Breakfast Have 3 egg whites with one yolk instead of two whole eggs. Play singles tennis instead of doubles to get more of a workout. Dinner Cut back on rice and pasta. You can also make an open-faced sandwich, using one slice of bread instead of two.

These simple changes can save you calories in just one meal. For example, go for a brisk half-hour walk at lunch, then do 30 minutes of strength-training exercise later on at the gym. Avocado and Fat burning tea pills What is the best diet to lose body fat study from Loma Linda University reports that avocado can help reduce food cravings by decreasing hunger.

Have one cup of cooked pasta or rice with no dinner rollsand add more vegetables to your dish.

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Its high water content and low calorie count make it a go-to diet food. You'll use this diary again for step three. Apples, Grapefruit and Elderberries Consuming an apple before a meal instead of an equal number of calories from juice or applesauce just might leave you feeling more satisfied. Yogurt may also have some fat-burning properties. Reduce your food portions. Looking for more exercise ideas?

Cut calories, but keep the nutrients. You can combine it all in one long workout, or do shorter bouts of exercises. For your chicken sandwich, for example, have grilled chicken instead of a breaded fillet, skip the mayonnaise, use mustard instead of tartar sauce, and choose one slice of whole wheat bread for will sit ups make me lose belly fat open-faced sandwich instead of a roll.

Avocados contain fat and fiber that prevent overeating by slowing digestion and increasing satiety.

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To save or more calories: Lunch Use tuna canned in water, instead of oil the smallest size can. Dinner When cooking, measure out one to two tablespoons of oil instead of just pouring into the pot or pan. Lunch Weight loss inspiration boards 3 turkey slices on your sandwich instead of 6; it's closer to one meat serving.

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  • You'll use this diary again for step three.