1D Preferences #135: He finds out you've been starving yourself...

One direction imagines he tells you to lose weight,

You then went into a nice little shop and you looked around at different clothing that they had there. You changed into your swimsuit and grabbed your things before you both headed down to there. You sighed and got up out of the pool. It'll just hurt me. The view definitely got better when they walked. Don't starve yourself, it'll only hurt you. They don't see you in person.


The packet crinkled when I balled it up and threw it away. He felt you stiffen beneath his touch and brush his hands away, pulling your shirt down. You were still hungry.

#2 You Overhear Him Talking Negatively About Your Weight (Requested - Part Two)

Learn to love yourself, babe. He ran downstairs, and his heart was lifted when the smell of bacon wafted around him. And it made you feel very bad about eating that jar of ice cream. Why aren't you eating it?

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It gets to me, weight loss diet for night shift workers the boys, everyone. I opened the pantry and pulled out a box of pop tarts. He spun you around to face the mirror, his hands on your shoulders. You looked at him sternly for a few long seconds, before answering. When he rested weight loss diet for night shift workers hand on your hip hcg activator pills for weight loss you shook it off, he knew something had to be wrong.

You knew Louis would wait you out, he always did that. We have dinner reservations in an hour. His fingers hooked around the waistband of my sweats and pulled them down, then pulled my shirt over my head. Did I cook it wrong? He turned your face away from the mirror, bringing it to face his own.

When you changed and put your hair in a nice braid, you walked out and Louis smiled taking your hand. Are you sure you want to wear that? His scruffy hair spread around his head like a Halo. It'll just hurt me.

one direction imagines he tells you to lose weight lose weight on upper back

Your sitting next to Louis on the couch, your legs tangled with him. You sigh and put it back on the rack. You had no clue how you were going to keep this up. Walking to the sink, you slowly let the pills fall one by one down the drain. You saw your heart.

'Me, Her And The Moon' | The one where he makes you feel insecure (Liam

Don't you EVER say that. You turned to side, eyes widening at how your hips looked in the red dress. He sighed and you could see the anguish on his face. He looked so worried, and disappointed. Was he confirming all those comments from before?

So believe in yourself, girls. Girls everywhere were talking about you and you just want to defend yourself to all of them. It was very form fitting, which made it look really tight. Was he saying that they were prettier than you? You sniffled and lay on the bed again and cried yourself to sleep.

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Jesus, you hated your laugh. Yeah, you had boobs and hips, but did that make you fat. And you suddenly felt stupid for thinking Liam would ever want you to starve yourself in order to lose weight. You sigh and nod and grab your things. My arms are a little bit heavier than they were before. Like the hills back home in Ireland.

But it was not a good idea for you to eat everything you wanted anymore.

Preference #25 He Makes You Feel Insecure (Harry -

Self consciously, you slipped out of your comfort clothes and quickly shimmied back into the dress, avoiding the mirror. You were good looking, you supposed, but if those damn pimples went away and you could have flawless skin, you were sure it would be much better.

Look at your heart.

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Just like you always get? You changed yourself in some more comfortable sport clothes and put on the DVD. He pulled the bra out of your hands and turned you to face the mirror.

signs of burning belly fat one direction imagines he tells you to lose weight

No matter the shape, size, build, color or proportion of your body. My whole body gets warm when I fall back onto the couch. But before you knew it he had slung you over his shoulder and is carrying you toward your closet.

So if you've been diligently dieting and exercising, and you're seeing results everywhere but your legs, you may not be able to lose that fat without also compromising your health or resorting to a surgical method like liposuction.

You open the door a bit, and listen. What is wrong with you? It was very obvious he wanted you to tone it down and start exercising. Look at your chest, so full of comfort.

Burn a fat bowl

How do you not see what I see every time I look at you? His one direction imagines he tells you to lose weight hands always make me feel small. You grab your phone from the nightstand next to you.


You did your hair and makeup and then put the dress on. And you instantly felt a wave of insecurity hit you hard.

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Don't you see how beautiful you are? Had you gained weight? He finds out you've been starving yourself Is that really how he saw you?

isn't he lovely?

He jumped out of bed, going downstairs, leaving a confused you behind. You sat in bed next to Harry, the whole room dark. It looks like someone threw up a bunch of different colors and it landed on that shirt. You're perfect as you are, I wouldn't lie to you. Liam was always the one complimenting you for how you looked. You felt his hands turn you over, so you laid with your back on the matrass and he peered over you.

You sighed and went back into the room and grab your suitcase and look through you clothes. Nice to know that you must not think I was a good view.

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Don't starve yourself, it'll only hurt you. They don't see how perfect you really are and how skinny you are and how you don't need to burn back fat with weights. Yer gonna break somethin.

1D Preferences #135: He finds out you've been starving yourself...

The best model in the world! Finally, you were just one direction imagines he tells you to lose weight to call it a day and you both went back to the hotel. I miss the old you; my fun, curvy, beautiful princess. Did he really not know? You'd kill to be one of them. I like her to look nice and done up, not like you just rolled out of bed or like the goodwill or something.

He frowned, this was so unlike you. And you watch her day after day tear herself down, picking herself apart when she should be celebrating how beautiful she is on the inside and the outside. You just sat there quietly. You clapped your hand to your mouth, stifling the obnoxious laughter that was spilling past your lips.

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  • I just thought this would be a cute thing to do.

It was you at all angels, the sun on your face, the wind in your hair, sleeping, laughing, crying. The past few days were difficult for both you and Niall. He gave you that no bullshit look he always gave you when you were lying and asked again: Are you feeling sick?

He scowled, watching you cover up your flawless skin with that shit, wondering why you needed to do it in the first place. An endless list how to lose your stomach fat in one month things you need to do is always running through your mind. It was very hot out where you were, so you decide on some shorts, t-shirt, and you just threw your hair up in a bun.

He looked around the bedroom, confused. You look through your clothes and decide to wear a nice dress. You sigh and shake your head. And lately he was trying to get you into it as well. You nodded, urging him to go on.

Insecurities - I ache. I never stop aching.

Was that his way of basically saying you were too big to wear that? He laid down close behind you, your back to his front. He ghosted his lips over yours before gently kissing you. The girl with the loud laugh? Your eyes light up and you get this smile on your face, I mean, wow. The view definitely got better when they walked.