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I guess the next questions I would ask you is: I gained 12 lbs in 10 years and it took me up to lbs. It has helped me to achieve results that were unachievable with diet and exercise. Hcg does work and I am a living testimony. Anyway, I have and I lost 20 lbs in 30 days. Tea or coffee in any quantity without sugar. I'm amazed — does the envelope glue magically make me burn fat?


There is a very specific protocol you have to follow, but when followed correctly, you find that there is so much food packed into those calories that it's almost difficult to eat it all because you truly aren't hungry. March 10, at Most types of greens and lettuce are allowed. The plain options are always better.

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Are you back to eating as you were 3 yrs ago prior to the diet or are you still being conservative with calories? It is not for everyone and if you are interested in it then I seriously recommend doing careful research. You should know the art of eating healthy food during your weight loss journey.

HCG Calorie Counting Chart

Are these pictures real? I feel great and so happy I lost the weight and kept it off! Salmon, eel, tuna, herring, dried or pickled fish are not allowed.

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To each their own — I wanted to get the weight off and I tried something and it worked for me with no linger bad health effects. I would strongly recommend trying HCG diet drops, you will see great results!

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Ensure that all your meat is stripped off any fat. This diet does work!

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You can hcg 1234 weight loss chart this out at your convenience, and no, there is nothing magical here: I'm down 40 pounds hcg 1234 weight loss chart maintaining finally-using the hcg protocol and your drops. This allows for optimal fat loss from the body in the shortest amount of time.

Know everything about HCG Phase 2 from Plan, food list to Die chart

I did it because no matter what I've tried: No placebo has that effect. There are many more better explainations on how your body can do this without shutting off.

  1. Most people's body, especially obese people's body would go nuts on a calorie diet and they wouldn't last a week and certainly not 40 days.
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Tone it up diet plan results do you know it's because of the HCG, have you considered with the weight you've lost, maybe you've been able to be more active and burn more calories to keep the weight off? I gave it a chance and it changed my life.

Placebo is a load I gained 12 lbs in 10 years and it took me up to lbs. Where does it say that?

Very Lean Beef (avg 152 calories)

Drinking "pregnant lady pee"? THAT is why you don't feel hungry on this plan.

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I went on this diet for 15 days and lost 10 pounds, most weight came off my belly, and I feel great! There are vitamins you can take while on this diet.

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  • For example, you see men are taking it- have they studied the long term safety of HcG for men?
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  • Know everything about HCG Phase 2 from Plan, food list to Die chart - Single Cause Single Cure

Now diseases SHOULD take precedence, i agree with that, however, people are working on getting rid of obesity with chemicals, and sometimes; an item that it used for one thing can be used for something else. Went from a tight 18 down to a 12 and feel great. I've been overweight for about 15 years. So this is a happy and sucessful HCG story!!!

This can be found in any food store, but ensure to check the box for any extra seasonings or cheese.

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By the way, you need buy nothing, there is no website, no book However as someone that has spent over 11 years researching reproductive endocrine mechanisms, I strongly urge caution in taking exogenous hormone regimens, even if they are under the supervision of a physician.

That is after 18 days.

Phase 2 of the HCG Diet

I have more energy feel great about myself and went to the pool all last summer with my youngest. When I reached my goal weight of I was thrilled so I stopped taking the HCG and continued with the calories per day.

Works well, in that 27 folks have lost an aggregate of pounds over 30 days with a median weight loss of some 26 pounds.

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