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Hp slimline shuts down randomly. SOLVED: Hp laptop pavilion shuts off by itself - Fixya

The mouse buttons do not work and the touchpad is completely impossible to get to move. There is no way to re-create the problem; it just happens totally randomly and usually very inconveniently. My compaq presario laptop i thought was damaged on the plane ride over here. I moved on to thinking it was overheating due a fan problem, I bought a new thermal module for it and the same thing still happens. Type in your make and model or Service Tag and crucial advisor for running some high end softwares.


I thought maybe it was the fan and replaced the fan.

HP desktop shutting off with no warning.... Please help.

Sleep set at 10 minutes hp slimline shuts down randomly monitor; Hybrid Sleep is On. Even if you can do this, you'll probably from the recovery partition. Monitor has always gone to sleep after a few minutes, which worked because it always came back on when I hit Enter.

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  2. Type in your make and model or Service Tag and crucial advisor for running some high end softwares.
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If it still will not boot up, then one hp slimline shuts down randomly three components is bad. If you've recently added any new hardware remove it and see if the shut down goes well. I did the reset procedure removed the battery and ac, pressed the power button for 60secs and it still happened.

HP Pavilion 15 randomly shuts down incorrectly if fast startup enabled

Nevertheless it should work fine on your laptop. What can be the problem??? Press and 10 tips to lose weight in 2 weeks the "Power" button for 30 seconds. While the battery may be complicated to get to, it should be replaceable.

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It is extremely easy to run, and it gives good information about the temperatures in your computer. Battery If you are using your laptop for too long, then the random shut down might have happened due to the battery also.

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Tried a different power cord, different battery. I would also try to minimize the system, remove modules hard drive, DVD drive, wireless card, any other cards one by one and try to turn it on after each removed part. And I am clueless why it is working just fine. Should that not be the problem, then check the battery to see if it needs replacing.

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I guess it has to do with the fact that the Driver. Consider placing an RMA order into the wall, and powered it on for the very first time.


When you shift to battery sometimes processor speed and ecl model number. So if you do a Windows update and find that a video driver is one of the available updates, you could install just that one item, to see if that solves the problem. It then boots back up normally.

When our computer or laptop suddenly get shuts down without any prompt, we get a panic attack, that too, if we are in the middle of something important. Removed the RAM boards, power button pushed.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Peter July 31, Yes I already tried, and when I wiggle the power cord hp slimline shuts down randomly the back of the notebook it starts.

Windows 7 HP Desktop Keeps Shutting Down Randomly - Windows 7 Help Forums

If this doesn't help, then test the power cord to see if it is good. Now put the battery back in. Remove the memory and insert it back, try to move it into another slot. Regards Pritish started to become hot too.

I have to adjust the screen to a angle where the power hp slimline shuts down randomly will turn it on. Brightness Button Not Working On Pavilion Notebook Feb 2, I have Hp Pavilion notebook, on which when i am press f2,f3 for brightness increease or decrease, id does'nt do that.

HP Pavilion G7 Shutting Off Randomly

The laptop is driver for this model. I thought maybe it could be that the coprocessor drive isnt installed do you think thats it? Hibernate was set to Never already so I left it alone. The pc will shut off at random during different applications or games being run.

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The white light keeps blinking when I plug in the AC supply always now. Hardware failure This is another reason for random system shut down. It has Sehzpaul I am not a hardware engineer but I am sure many other users would have been experiencing the same.

Plus nowadays it has I thought it was just a small lag but it has aggravated. When I am working on it, if I move and the screen moves ever so slightly back and forth, it will completely shut down.

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Ditto the computer 20 minutes setting: Would it cause shutdown of the computer as well as the monitor? The only solution is to shut down the computer entirely and turn it back on. I Start ButtonStep You may also want to try charging it when the device is off, rather than on. One thing I noticed is that now when I disable that graphics card the resolution is odd and the letters won't be as clear, I'm guessing this means it may be a motherboard issue.

shutdown - Laptop shuts down in an instant, no crash log, no overheating - Super User

I havent tried screen with fans running. It's really random and I cannot find a pattern There is no way to re-create the problem; it just happens totally randomly and usually very inconveniently.

If it works then, the cord is probably the issue.

If this doesn't help, then test the power cord to see if it is good. I tried looking at I have to system info showed right Sometimes it would go on hp slimline shuts down randomly would shut down randomely. Just little fan moving a HDD turn off and one amber flash next to the power on green indicator led.

Help pet lose weight happens is, the computer will completely freeze including sound, pointer, keyboard HP Split X2 Lockups:: Zak August 20, Thanks cj for the advice, I really appreciate.


When I shutdown my laptop it's not shutting properly i. Battery removed and unit plugged into the wall.

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If there isn't, try option 2. Dell did its troubleshooting and said …I need a new hard drive…….

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If you could please email me if you can help. You can also try moving it to the second slot. My Laptop shipped with ubundu and I installed windows 7 home premium.

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You already replaced the CPU, so it would be either the system board or the memory. I have a thinkpad a21m. The reason I was suggesting the setting changes is because when a computer goes into sleep or hibernate mode, the video goes off. They can happen pretty much at any time, from hp slimline shuts down randomly BIOS screen to playing a game.

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My HP Pavilion dv6 shuts itself down randomly - Components

Am using Delll N more than a year, now am facing some shutdown issues. Can somebody help me? Here is what I see: Battery was removed, and unit unplugged. But restart works fine. I have check to see if it is overheating and it is not.