#15: He Finds Out You Have An Eating Disorder *MAY BE TRIGGERING* (Requested by Anon)

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No one was helping you so you looked up, hoping he would hear, but when he looked back at you he just started laughing and turned back around. I don't care how many times you tell me that you're not beautiful it won't matter because I don't see you the way you see yourself. You're gorgeous; inside and out. Feeling disgusting from all you had just eaten you quickly ran to the bathroom, shutting the door but not taking the time to lock it. It made you feel very insecure, because you were afraid how everyone would react, especially your boyfriend.


Even if you were overweight, you can still be beautiful because, guess what?

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She is amazing and beautiful and most definitely not fat. Suddenly you felt a pain stabbing your stomach. Is that why your getting cramps?

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The words echoed in your head as you once again spilled the contents of your stomach into the toilet. You realized that there was no one in the world that would matter more than yourself.

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  • I wish you could see yourself the way I see you

I love her the way she is and wouldn't want her any other 5sos preferences you lose weight for him. You don't see how happy you get when you're with your family or when you're watching your favourite movie. I'm not how can i lose weight 20 pounds in 2 weeks you because of your looks, although they are a bonus because I, Luke Hemmings, somehow managed to get someone what is best weight loss supplement gorgeous as you are, but besides that, I am with you because I love every little thing about you even your flaws.

I'm no Miranda Kerr. They were arriving home from tour today, and you were anxious to see Luke. Ashton looked at you from across the table and shook his head. The he started talking to the fans that had just insulted you.

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It was one of those days. Maybe he wanted you to wear spanks, or more than that. Your knees started to feel weak and you stumbled backwards. He had taken it upon himself to cook you a meal since you usually cooked. It would have been great news, but thoughts instantly started flooding your mind about how bad you would still look in a swimsuit, and that paparazzi were going to be catching your worst possible angles.

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When I first saw you my first thought was 'wow, she's gorgeous' and I wanted to get to know you. His hand landed you on your shoulder, pulling you back. Calum filed out first, followed by Michael, Ashton, and Liz. You coughed and wiped your mouth, standing up and rinsing your mouth with mouth wash before walking out of the bathroom, jumping slightly seeing Luke standing at the doorway.

Not one camera out there gets the perfect picture, but they all get adequate one of us all looking in different directions.

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You groggily looked around, realizing that this was not your bed, that these were not your pajamas but a hospital smock and a hard bed. You blinked seeing a mop of blonde hair beside you, his hand holding yours. You turned around in bed and tested to make sure he was asleep, and then you snuck out, quietly, and grabbed your laptop before leaving the room.

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You were sprinting to the gates before Luke even stepped through them, shoving guards out 5sos preferences you lose weight for him your way roughly. You are so important to me. Not only do you have an amazing personality, but you're breath taking. I love you, all of you. I need to lose weight. The boy was quite attractive but had the snobbiest face in the world.

I need to make noise to finish this meal. You woke up to the sound of beeping beside you. I just wanted to take control of something again, and stop getting laughed at. The cow chanting got louder, so you turned around and tried to ignore it. He walked over to put his hands over yours, so he could lift your head up.

Walking with Michael and suddenly feeling weak, your knees giving out as tiny black dots danced before you vision as you crumbled to the ground, darkness encompassing you.

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No matter what kind of people they are, they still get the same treatment as everyone else. Was it something I said?

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I have to take this. He stood up and you followed him towards the ice cream stand, not wanting to be left alone. Those two words can be used in the same sentence. You wanted to stay there with him a little bit longer, but he was already late. You felt his heart beating extremely fast.

5sos preferences Out of your control, is that the only reason why he never said anything before? Even if you were overweight, you can still be beautiful because, guess what?

Stop comparing yourself to her! You pushed around your food on your plate, stabbing at the pasta on the plate and shifting it around.

#15: He Finds Out You Have An Eating Disorder *MAY BE TRIGGERING* (Requested by Anon)

However you were surprised to see some pointing at you, so you quickly glanced away not wanting to make things awkward. He had gorgeous women practically throwing themselves at him at all times.

Now finish the cereal, we can go for a walk later and talk.

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Did your weight actually matter to him? In the end, you only have yourself. He was famous, for fucks sake. You're just an amazing girl whom I love to spend time with.

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Since when was that the definition of beautiful? I want you to be okay, and I want you to come to bed with me at night. Feeling disgusting from all you had best diets low carb eaten you quickly ran to the bathroom, shutting the door but not taking the time to lock it.

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You just kind of sprung it on me. I just wanted to warn that they have bad intentions. They all cheered as you walked away. Have you started taking any new medications? You had always been super insecure with your body due to the lovehandles that seemed to adorn your stomach at all times. He saw your expression then looked back to where you were staring.

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We look at all these lights with no real target. You sighed as he locked the door behind you two and dragged you towards the car. I love you, baby. You looked at him confused, as memories came flooding back. You read an article on how to burn body fat easy and fast.

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I'll just never be good enough. Please thank her for me. You haven't come out of your room for the last week because of what happened with you and you know who This has been an ongoing thing.

He also explained that you would be staying the night just as a precaution. Staring back at yourself was your reflection. You thought that Luke was probably drooling over them instead of you.