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How to lose ectopic fat. Ectopic fat: The potential target for obesity management Ghosh S - J Obes Metab Res

Insulin resistance in skeletal muscles impairs glycogen storage in them, leading to increased hepatic lipogenesis. A study published how to lose ectopic fat Diabetologia in showed subjects with approximately the same BMI demonstrated significantly different levels of cardiovascular risk, primarily associated with increased levels of liver and visceral fat. A small amount of epicardial fat is required normally for thermo-protection and cushioning of the heart, whereas in obesity excess amount is deposited in this ectopic location.


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It is actually the increased body fat content or increased adiposity, which is the harmful component of increased body weight. J Phys Act Health. While not an herb, phosphatidylserine is also an excellent option to help maintain appropriate cortisol levels.

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Positive calorie balance, standard Western diet, high-fructose intake and night eating. When adipocytes in SAT fail to increase in number in response to sustained calorie excess, they just enlarge in size. Increased fructose and trans-fat consumption are important determinants of obesity and ectopic fat deposition.

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  • This helps to support healthy AMPK activation, thus helping to support healthy insulin and blood sugar.
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Adipose tissue insulin resistance causes impairment of the anti-lipolytic effect of insulin, resulting in increased breakdown of adipose store and release of free fatty acids FFA. Drugs that increase the SAT and adipocyte numbers will be helpful.

Exercise and ectopic fat in type 2 diabetes: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

This collection of herbs has excellent utility in supporting the HPA axis and its healthy response to stressors. New Definition of Obesity An appropriate definition of obesity today must include 'excess' adiposity with 'ectopic' fat deposition in non-adipose tissue.

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By altered bio-mechanics, leading to osteo-arthitis, low back pain, sleep apnoea etc. Insulin resistance in skeletal muscles impairs glycogen storage in them, leading to increased hepatic lipogenesis. Maternal malnutrition is an important contributor to ectopic fat.

Ectopic fat: The potential target for obesity management Ghosh S - J Obes Metab Res

Conclusion Fat accumulation at ectopic sites is the most important cause of almost all the metabolic consequences of obesity. It stores excess calories as triglycerides TG in adipocytes.

  • Same thing happens in obesity.
  • ectopic fat | Dr. Sharma's Obesity Notes
  • And due to their low SAT volume this excess fat easily spills over to the ectopic sites, with resultant metabolic consequences.
  • Fructose and trans-fat consumption contribute to this epidemic by causing inflammation, insulin resistance and changes in the gut microbiota.

It modulates vascular tone, increases its stiffness, induces hypoxia, oxidative stress, and causes adventitial inflammation, which causes vascular smooth muscle proliferation and accelerated atherosclerosis. SAT volume is determined to a large extent by genetic makeup and by epigenetic factors genetic expression.


Many dietary supplements are on the market and many are marketed for weight management. In addition, always perform moderate movement after meals and get one of those activity trackers.

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The how to lose ectopic fat in gestational diabetes: J Obes Metab Res ;1: These sites are never designed for fat storage. Ectopic fat accumulation in the liver is both the cause and effect of insulin resistance.

The Skinny on Ectopic Fat

Hypertension can be explained by the effects of hyperinsulinemia arising out how to lose ectopic fat insulin resistance and by the ectopic fat in the renal sinus, renal parenchyma and blood vessels.

Comments 0 Posted on Feb 14, The human GLP-1 analogue liraglutide is now approved for the long-term medical treatment of obesity in an ever-increasing number of countries.

What are the treatment modalities that can reduce ectopic fat?

Hence 'adiposopathy' seems to be more important than just 'adiposity'. Pathophysiology of human visceral obesity: It increases the stiffness of the cardiac muscles resulting in decreased cardiac contractility, [19] diastolic dysfunction [20] and cardiomyopathy, in addition to cardiac lipotoxicity, impaired glucose and fatty acid metabolism.

A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. McGavock JM, et al.